How to get an affiliate army to drive loads of traffic to your site

Hi ho and welcome back!

Since launching my site I’ve been focusing on building traffic for free. In today’s video I share with you one strategy that I’m using to help drive traffic to my site.

Now there are many different ways you can drive traffic to your site (both free and paid) and this short video explores just one way.

Have a look, tell me what you think and if you have any cool strategies on driving traffic to your site please share in the comments section below!


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How to shrink large video files (for PC & Mac)

Shrink large video files

Hey guys, Wow its been a busy week for me I’ve finally launched my site – Details below!

This is video 3 in Barry Well’s month long video challenge!

To see my last video post then click Sneak Peak inside my free membership site + formula for fast online success .

As mentioned I’ve finally launched my new website The Cut The Crap Interview where I share with you information direct from the experts about how you can make money successfully online. Check it out now!

Sneak Peek inside my free membership site + forumla for fast online success

My membership site and formula for fast online success

Hey guys,

Welcome back! This is video 2 in Barry Well’s month long video challenge!

To see my first video post then click how to get your videos to rank number 1 on YouTube

Inside this video I share with you my membership site and how it will make me money even though its free! Watch it now!

Mobile users please click this link to watch the video: My membership site and formula for fast online success



Oh hi Nick here from Instant Profit where you can learn with me direct from the experts about internet marketing.

Get your videos to rank number 1 on YouTube

Get your videos to rank number 1 in youtubeHey peeps,

It’s been ages since I posted so I thought I’d make a video letting you know why I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to post.

I also share with you 3 massive tips that you can use to help get your videos ranking number 1 in YouTube.

I’ve also joined Barry Well’s video challenge (click the link for more info) and there is more on that inside the video too. A transcript of the video is below as there is some great info you’re going to want to note down!

Useful & free productivity apps! – Part 2

Rescue timeHi there,

This is the second of my 2 part blog post on useful and free productivity apps that I’ve discovered and integrated into my business systems over the last month.

In my last post (useful & free productivity apps!) I shared with you a great email add on application called “Rapportive” that you can use in your business as an excellent tool to help you know your customer at a glance and deliver better service and increase sales.

Today I’d like to share with you a second tool that I have found really valuable in increasing productivity in my work.

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Useful & free productivity apps!

To DoOk so over the last month I’d set myself some pretty big goals… What were they you ask?

1. Product Completion

2. Hire a virtual assistant

3. Auto-responder email scripting for post launch.


While I haven’t completed all of the tasks (the first one is reliant on other people and is still underway) I’ve made some great achievements and come across some great ‘productivity apps’ online!

Firstly I’d like to give a big welcome to Megan, my new virtual assistant! Megan has been on board since midway through last week, successfully getting the job ahead of over 50 other applicants.

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What’s a QR code and how can it grow your sales!

QR Code for

QR code for my site

Have you seen these fuzzy pictures around the place that look like a picture on a smashed 1998 nokia phone screen? That’s a QR Code and many people are still unsure about what a QR code is.


What’s a QR Code?

QR stands for Quick Response and it is a 2 dimensional type of matrix barcode. Simply put, its a barcode and it can only be read by a scanner (a smart phone with a camera will do) which you can quite easily
download to any smart phone.

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My Mini break on an island paradise!

Hi again

If you saw my last post “I found this video you should watch” then you would know that I recently had a mini 5 day holiday to reward myself for all the hard work on building my online business that I’ve been doing.

I wanted to share these holiday pics and a video with you so you can see first hand how beautiful the Whitsunday’s in Northern Queensland is! I stayed at Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island.

Check this out!

Playing up at Airlie Beach





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I found this video you should watch

Hey hope your doing well…

Over the last week I took a mini holiday and found this inspirational video that I really like… Let me know what you think

Do you ever compare yourself to more successful people and then think your not successful? I have a habit of doing that – like when I play pool (billards) with friends in a mini competition and I rank in the middle of the group. Half are better than me, half are worse. But I felt like I failed! 🙁

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How I got a mobile/cell version of my website running in under 5 minutes

How to get a mobile version of your website

Going mobile...

Have you ever looked at a website on your mobile? I know I have… a lot! And there is nothing worse than not being able to read it properly on your phone.

Maybe your phone is optimised to fit the page to screen but it can still be a pain in the ass to read!

With more and more people surfing on wireless mobile devices (mobile/cell phones, tablet pc’s) I thought I would set up a version of my site that could be easily read by those devices to make sure it was as accessable as possible.

Also I plan to do some offline advertising for my new website and product (developers tell me it should be ready to go by next week) using a QR code. More on QR Codes in another post.

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