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I got spotted!

June 28, 2011

So the other day I was on facebook and I got this request from a complete random person and so I was like “Hey who’s this? Do I know you?” and then I got the reply…

“No, we haven’t met! I saw you on the Alex Jeffreys, Instant Profit Seminar video, and I thought what a brilliant young Aussie – this is someone who is going to be big, someone who I could learn a lot from. Sorry if that sounds pushy, but it is a great opportunity to learn from someone who has learnt so much from Alex. Enjoy your success.” – Signed Robyn Campbell.

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Snog, Bullocks, Chav & ‘Mind the Gap’

June 23, 2011

Are all words that I’ve regularly heard on my EPIC 10 day adventure of London!  And sadly… it finally ends as all good things do.

What an amazing city and an amazing place.  I’ve learnt (the hard way) that when your talking about your ‘pants’ it means ‘underwear’. Be warned!! Instead, in these parts they say the very proper word of ‘trousers’ and mixing them up can lead to a stack of embarrassment and laughs!

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Shivering from cold London nights or shivering from excitement??

June 17, 2011

Camden Lock - discovering the charm!

So I just got off the first Webinar with Alex and Dean as part of the special Inner Circle program offered at the instant profit seminar last weekend.

WOW!!! I’ve finally realised that the shivering was not from the cold London ‘summer’ night but from the excitement of the potential opportunity and the fact that these guys are genuine in helping people learn how to change their life!

Last Saturday I was at Camden Lock attending the Seminar with these guys. (See the pic of me checking out the unique charms of this area!).  Tonight I’ve continued this adventure and now have a clear path of where I will be going!!

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Picture this…

June 15, 2011

OK sad but true – I didn’t know how to get my picture next to my comments that I’ve started leaving on everyone’s blogs until just now! But it looks like I’m not the only one having this trouble!

So simple but how are you meant to know these things!! Luckily with the great friends I made while networking at the Instant Profit Seminar in London on the weekend (11+12 June) I was easily able to find out!

Thanks Nigel for this tip….

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My First Ever Blog Post!

June 14, 2011

Wow.. So this is where it all begins.

A week and a half ago I would never have thought that I’d be flying to London on the other side of the planet making my first blog post and starting an internet business! And I hope to help others who follow my journey.

How did it all come about I hear you ask??? Let me explain…

My name is Nick Lawless, I’m from Brisbane Australia, I just turned 30. Let me tell you… When you hit 30 you review your life and I realised if I ever wanted to get somewhere in my life and achieve all the things I’ve dreamed about I really needed to take action. BIG action and FAST! 

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