Gold diggin’ on the net – Check out my first video!

If you’ve been reading the comments then you would have seen a comment from Barry Wells at 

In his comment he asked me to join his challenge which was to make a video and so I did! Thanks Barry for the great post which explained how to make the video and for this great challenge.

I ended up downloading and using the free program “Screen Cap Studio” to make the video and it was quite easy to use. I might do another video post on how to do videos hahah!  Anyway back to the topic!

I decided to share something that I’d learnt on a coaching call. It was how to do a keyword search Alex had shown us in order to find networks online but when I was using it I started to realise how VALUABLE it was for me to be going through all these sites in my niche and learning SO SO SO much!

To do this yourself you will need:

1. Excel or Word doc to record your research (Excel preferred)

2. Notepad to record keyword search terms

3. Register a new “research” email that can get full of junk.

4. Time (I recommend doing this for a little bit each day)

Watch the video to see how you can use this simple but powerful technique to go diggin’ for GOLD on the net, and leave me some comments… It’s my first video and already I see how I could have explained things better so just ask below if you have any questions and I will answer!


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39 comments on this post.
  1. Barry Wells:

    Hi Nick, first off thanks for stepping up to the challenge and creating an excellent video.

    Nick you’re a natural at creating videos and should make more ;)

    As for the content of the video WOW what a lesson you’ve passed on here mate. The beauty is that the way you find them is so simple and we know that the keywords are successful as you’re taking them from the top sites on Google.

    That alone is a valuable lesson for us, but to then show people how to keep records of the sites and contact details is super cool :cool:

    An excellent entry Nick I look forward to many more videos from you.

    Respect and Regards, Barry

    PS on the strength of this post alone I’m hitting your RSS feed mate, brilliant content.

  2. Adrienne:

    Hey Nick,

    Wanted to stop by and show my support for Barry’s video challenge. So seriously, this is your first? Job well done my friend, I agree with Barry. You are a natural.

    Love the content as well, I learned this same thing some time back when I was first getting into internet marketing. Alex has done really well teaching you this nifty little trick as well! Glad you are sharing it with your readers.

    By the way, love the theme. I use to use this one myself a few years back. Just love it.

    Great job Nick, thanks for sharing. Hope you’re having an amazing day!


  3. Robyn:

    Hi Nick,

    Are you sure you haven’t done this before? Are you really, really sure?

    Well you don’t have to worry about writing blog posts any more, just do video posts. As Barry says, you are a natural.

    The video was very well done, everything was explained very well, visually perfect, could not fault it at all. Couldn’t believe it went for 8 minutes, it seemed very short, must be because I was concentrating on learning what you were teaching. I only watched it once but I will watch and learn a few more time. . Alex has certainly taught you heaps of great stuff, can’t wait for your next video

    Glad you joined Barry’s Challenge, I am not too confident when it comes to video but that is just another step that I have to take.

    Hope you find a name for your product (previous post) – still thinking!!!!

    Take care.


  4. Doug:

    Hey Nick

    How’s it going?
    Great first video mate.

    I think this kind of research is where a lot of newbies and even veterans of internet marketing fail because THEY DON’T WANT TO DO THE WORK.

    It’s the classic case of buying into every new product or course that comes along thinking that will be the one that makes them the money without doing any work.

    Your video shows that there is work involved and yes it can be boring and repetitive BUT it is essential for success. As long as one keeps focused and has a plan of action and does the necessary ground work, then the pieces will fall into place.

    Now you’ve done your first, the rest become easier :)



  5. Nick:

    Wow :D thanks Barry for that comment!!! I’m stoked and it has really made my day… As I said in the email you sent me, when you’re new it is often hard to tell if you have anything valuable to offer so I’m really really happy to hear that you think people will find it valuable!

    Thanks for adding the RSS feed and now the pressure is on to keep good posts coming!!

    Again thanks for the challenge with a deadline as I wouldn’t have done a video by now it it wasn’t for you.


  6. Nick:

    Hi Adrienne and thanks for visiting my site!

    Yes I like the theme too… I was in a bit of a hurry when I was setting starting this up and so I really just choose the first one that looked good.

    Again had I thought to “dig for gold on the net earlier” I probably would have had a better idea of how I could structure my blog but as things grow I’ll eventually give it a make over.

    I’ll have to check out your blog and see what has become of ur theme.

    YES this really is my first video – I can send you the youtube “congratulations on your first video email”. For fun I used to edit sound files on my computer and make cool windows theme sounds (nerdy I know) so I have “edited” muisc files which isn’t all to different from a video file. It took me a couple of hours to make that 8min video!

    At first I couldn’t get the sound to work and didn’t realise till after my first record (so always test first people) but the programs I used were fairly straight forward! I skipped a few screen capture programs before I got to this one because they looked hard to use hahah!

    Barry’s video’s were really useful too. Thanks again for your comment! Hope to see you here again!


  7. Nick:

    Hi Robyn and thanks for visiting again!

    You make it sound like it was really good but I see so many ways I could have made it better! But Yes this really is my first ever video.

    I just thought about videos that I liked the format of, did a script and thought about what annoyed me when I watched videos so I could try and copy the things I like and avoid the things I dont like.

    Next time I need to position my mic differently to stop the breath noise or I need to just use the inbuilt mic.

    Any names for my product would be good!

    I know you will get to do your own video in time. I think you really have to get to a certain point mentally to just not care and do it! At first I thought I’d never put my real name or face on the net and now look! It all changed when I just decided that nothing was going to stop me from acheiving my goals and when I actually stopped fearing success!

    When you go to do your video I’d love to be a part of it some way… either giving you some tips from what I learned or a colaboration or something so hit me up when you do one :)


  8. Nick:

    Hi Doug, thanks for visiting and now “watching” hahah!

    You are so right! Research is under rated. Any offline business comes up with a business plan and market research before they even open a store yet so many seem to think they can buy a shiny product and vola! Instant web ATM!

    It is hard work but all I’d be doing anyway is watching TV (although I admit I’ve also had to sacrafice some fun adventures out with my mates) but I know that its just short term pain for long term gain and really it just doesn’t feel like work to me!

    I have a feeling we are going to have success you and I – well I bloody hope so hahah! (I met Doug in London at the instant profit seminar).

    Keep in touch!


  9. Jacinta D:

    Hi Nick,

    Cool A fellow Aussie!!!

    Great research idea on sussing out the competition, plus doing keyword research at the same time!

    I like the way you are organised in the process. excellent suggesstion especially for time poor people.

    I am often having to go back through website browsers to find out where I was.

    Plus I agree this can be adapted to ANY niche!

    Thank you for sharing.

    I hope everything is going well.

    See you back here soon! :cool:


    Jacinta :D

  10. Nick:

    Hey Jacinta,

    Yep sure does save heaps of time! Great to see another Aussie here!! Glad to see you got benefit from my video :D

    This technique can definately be adapted to ANY niche and is a great way to keep track of all the things you see on the net that you like. Definitely can save a LOT of time in the long run!

    I see you’re “learning with Sally”. She is a great girl I met her in London when I went over in June! You’re in good hands!

    Nice website! How long have you been running it and do you make a full time income from it?


  11. Stuart Turnbull:

    Hey Nick!

    Barry is right, you are a natural when it comes to video!

    Thanks for the great tips!


  12. Jacinta D:

    Hi Nick,

    My website is about to turn 3 in October! It feels like a toddler! hahahaha Only saying that because I have a 4 year old little girl.

    Re full time income. No, I don’t. I use my blog more as a communication tool to be honest.

    However I will say that I don’t have it set up as efficiently as it should be. This I am working on……….

    I only have limited time online around my family so I try and do as much as I can. Plus I am in another niche as well.

    The one thing I do recommend to people is that this industry does take time……..

    Unless you have a whole heap of time available to dedicate to learn quickly or a whole heap of money to outsource everything it is a slow and steady process that is for sure.

    I have been studying online for just over 3 years, I feel like I am in my final year of a degree. There is so much to learn just to know the foundations of this industry.

    Speaking of which I have more videos to go watch.

    Hope all is going well.

    See you back here soon. :cool:


    Jacinta :D

  13. Julie:

    Hello Nick,

    I’m out and about supporting all in Barry’s video challenge. You’re first video and you put yourself in front of the camera for your introduction! Well done :-)

    You have really presented your video well, terrific information and clearly brought over. Congratulations Nick and I’m sure I’ll be popping over again.

    Thanks for the lesson and for sharing that valuable information.


  14. Ian Ieba:

    Hi Nick

    Nobody would ever believe this is your first video, I have to say you have done an excellent job buddy! Very easy to follow and packed full of valuable information.
    Well done :)

    My eyes were glued to the screen! Simplicity itself, thanks for sharing this Nick I think a lot of people are going to benefit from your video.

    Added your RSS Buddy and as Arnie use to say “I’ll be Back”

    Take care, catch up soon

    Ian :)

  15. Nick:

    Hey Stuart!

    Thanks for visiting my site! So many positive comments here! Glad you enjoyed the video!


  16. Nick:

    Hey Julie,

    Thanks for your support it means a lot to me that you take the time too look at these videos and make a comment :)

    I really hope to see you back here soon as I hope this site will be somewhere we can all share what we learn!

    Glad you got value from the post! I’m going to go check out your site now too!


  17. Nick:

    Hey Ian!

    Glad that you also found it full of useful info. I really can’t stress how much value I personally get out of using this technique… It has so many applications:
    - Research both product and market.
    - Networking
    - Script ideas
    - Sales pages ideas
    - Theme ideas
    - and really many more.

    When you give it a go I think you will find some that you can use as well.

    Thanks for adding to the RSS feed – Keep in touch!


  18. Mandy Allen:

    Hi Nick, great video and some really valuable content. It all seemed so simple when you were doing it, I will put it to good use and hopefully get that gold!

    Enjoy the journey.


  19. Nick:

    Hi Ian!

    Thats an awesome review! Glad that the content was both easy to follow and kept your interest!

    Thanks for adding the RSS.. I hope my future posts can be as good now hahah!

    I’ll go check out your site! Its so cool connecting with all these people don’t you think!


  20. Nick:

    Hey Mandy and thanks for stopping by!

    I looked at your site and you really seem to know a lot about HTML coding and blogging! So do get a comment like from you is great!

    I definately think you’ll come up with some gold nuggets using this little process!

    Keep in contact..

  21. Dawn Kay:

    Hi Nick

    Can’t believe that was the first time you’ve done a video. You came across so calm and confident and it was like you’d been doing it for years lol

    I luvvvv your digging for gold formula that you use and think its a really good way of researching a product idea.

    Will definitely give it a shot and try it out.

    Take care

    Dawn Kay recently posted..Randy Smith – What Would You Do Differently And Why?My Profile

  22. Nick:

    Hey Dawn,

    Thanks so much for your comments. After seeing everyone say this i’m feeling a bit of a confidence boost for doing videos :D

    I’m glad you got value from the video and would love to hear how you go with it when you try it out!

    Hope to see you around…

    Nick recently posted..This is How I Make Quick Cash when I Need It!My Profile

  23. Michelle:

    Hi Nick,

    Congratulations on your first video, excellent job very professional.

    You made it look so easy but the power of research is amazing and putting it all into an excell spreadsheet for ease of access is a great idea.

    Look forward to the next one
    To your success
    Michelle xxx

  24. mike @ Mike Raves & Rants Online:

    Hey Nick…
    Really???…This is your 1st video???…Impressive!!!!!
    A superb 8 minute 22 second research tutorial…..
    Digging for Gold… love the name…
    The content is excellent and extremely useful….I`ve certainly learnt a lesson here…

    Looking forward to your next…soon I hope!!!

    all the best mate …keep it up…

    Cheers… Mike…
    mike @ Mike Raves & Rants Online recently posted..Http 500 Error Fix Video to Barry Wells` Show You Mine ChallengeMy Profile

  25. igor Griffiths:

    Hi Nick

    Great video and very timely, this is what my mentor has got me doing at the moment and I really felt overwhelmed by what he was asking me to do.

    Your video breaks down the competition research process really well, now to complete my own research.

    Congrats on making such an informative first video looking forward to the next one

    igor Griffiths
    igor Griffiths recently posted..Notepad++ The Text Editor for Getting Things DoneMy Profile

  26. Nick:

    Hi Igor,

    Glad you found it helpful and timely!

    Who is your mentor?! and what is the training you’re doing?


  27. Robert Corrigan:

    Hi Nick a very informative video! Another one for the armoury I think


  28. Nick:

    Hey Robert,

    Thanks for visiting my site. Great to see that you got benefit from the video and found it useful!

    A little off topic but is that a butterfly marketing site you have?

    Nick recently posted..Gold diggin’ on the net – Check out my first video!My Profile

  29. Dee Ann Rice:


    Great video and very informative.

    I have done keyword research in several different ways but never this one.

    I can see that you can get a lot of really good information by doing that. I am putting this on my list of things to do.

    It is a really great way to do keyword research.

    Dee Ann
    Dee Ann Rice recently posted..How To Upload A Video To A Blog PostMy Profile

  30. Nick:

    Hi Dee Ann,

    Thanks for your comment and welcome to my site!

    The great thing about this technique is that there are soo many applications for it. Initially I didn’t really consider using it for keyword research but so many people have said it is a good way to do keyword research!

    I think that is the real gold here – it can be such a useful tool!

    Hope you find some golden nuggets out there!

    Nick recently posted..Gold diggin’ on the net – Check out my first video!My Profile

  31. Ed:

    Hey Nick…

    It is a very powerful way to sift out information as to what people on the internet are reall y looking to *buy*…and let’s face without first time sales from people you cannot build repeat business from these people to sutain a long term online business!

    Great video to BTW..vvery well performed I’m amazed it’s you’re first video….Ed.

  32. Nick Lawless:

    Hey Ed,

    Thanks for visiting!

    Thats a very accurate thing you noted there and I’m so glad that so many people have found it helpful. I agree it really is so powerful and I keep finding new applications for that technique every week!

    Its definately something I’ll continue to do for a while yet!

    Hope to make another video soon!

    Nick Lawless recently posted..Alex Jeffreys Unreported Marketing Sneak peak: If a cartoon character can make money online why can’t you? (Part 1)My Profile

  33. Heather Stephens:

    Hi Nick!

    Way to go on the video! :) Just wanted to say congrats!

    Research is one of those “not my favorite” things so thanks for the tips!

    Heather Stephens recently posted..You’re a Big Fat Liar!My Profile

  34. Nigel Yip:

    Hey Nick,

    Hows it going and erm….are you sure you have never ever done any videos before? Because like many have said – you are such a natural, really calm, and confident and nobody would has sussed that it was was first video at all.

    Btw I really like the name “Gold Diggin’ on the net” and what you are sharing with us is most excellent, it’s simple, quick and incredibly useful, and I think you should consider creating a quick report version of it and let it go viral across the net.

    Keep up the great work and speak soon!
    Nigel Yip recently posted..LWS 3 – On Your Marks…Get Set….. TrafficMy Profile

  35. Nick:

    Thanks Michelle!

    I’ve had so many positive comments I really appreciate it!

    Nick recently posted..Alex Jeffreys Unreported Marketing Sneak peak: If a cartoon character can make money online why can’t you? (Part 2)My Profile

  36. Nick:

    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for the comment and your video too!

    I think so many people got value out of all those video posts! Someone might have to run one again!

    Nick recently posted..Alex Jeffreys Unreported Marketing Sneak peak: If a cartoon character can make money online why can’t you? (Part 2)My Profile

  37. Nick:

    Hey Nigel!

    Hahaha! I’ve come along way since we met in London! Yep my first video and hopefully one of many more to come. Thanks for your comments. I think the reason I look so relaxed is because I was more worried about missing the deadline then thinking about what I was actually doing!

    I highly recommend that to anyone who is making their first video – have another distracting issue that seems more scary than making a video!

    Thats a good idea bout doing a report! I hadn’t thought of that. It might be hard to write out but Yeah i should definatley think about that!

    I know you’ve been overcoming your own fears doing voice recordings and speaking on webinars!

    Well done buddy!

    Keep facing our fears!

    Nick recently posted..Alex Jeffreys Unreported Marketing Sneak peak: If a cartoon character can make money online why can’t you? (Part 2)My Profile

  38. Nick:

    Hi Heather,

    Research can be BORING! thats for sure… But i find this method less boring than others and now actually find myself looking forward to do it this way simply because I get some REALLY good ideas looking at other sites.

    If you look at enought you start to see what makes good ones work and what you can do on yours to mirror that!

    Thanks again for the congrats!

    Nick recently posted..Alex Jeffreys Unreported Marketing Sneak peak: If a cartoon character can make money online why can’t you? (Part 2)My Profile

  39. Inez Shepard:

    I am putting this on my list of things to do. Plus I agree this can be adapted to ANY niche!