Alex Jeffreys Unreported Marketing Sneak peak: If a cartoon character can make money online why can’t you? (Part 1)

Get the inside scoop on Alex Jeffreys product here – launches TUESDAY!

I think you’re going to love this post today because I’m gunna give you the inside scoop on Alex Jeffrey’s HOTLY anticipated and much talked about new FREE eBook launching this Tuesday!

So if you’ve been following my blog you’d know that mid-June of this year I attended Alex Jeffreys Inner Coaching Seminar in London. It came about when I was home sick off work checking my inbox and saw an email from Alex that read

 “Your  Complementary Ticket To Alex Jeffreys Seminar [Limited Seats]…”


The email read

“Hey Nick,

if you’ve always dreamed of making

it as a big time internet marketer,

then you need to meet me live

in person next month.

i’ll even pick up your bill.


At first I totally dismissed the idea because I’m in Australia and London was on the other side of the planet. But that email just kept eating away at me.

I guess I reached the point where I was over working hard for someone else and making them rich, tired of reading tips online but not knowing where to start and tired of not being able to live life the way I wanted to.

But I felt lost, I didn’t know how to even get started and I didn’t know if people would like what I had to share or even be responsive to it.

SO I knew I had to do something drastic to change things. So I did something totally random and extreme and arranged flights and a trip to the UK (read my blog post about it here) only 2 weeks before the seminar just to meet Alex Jeffreys in person on the other side of the planet. And I’ve never looked back!

Now, being one of his students I’ve been very very fortunate to get an early copy of his latest FREE eBook which will be released this TUESDAY! Don’t worry I’ll give you a link on Tuesday when it goes live BUT before that I wanted to give you

the inside scoop of the eBook!

The 49 page eBook promises to teach you, rather than sell to you, on how to be successful online while also predicting some major shifts about to happen in the internet marketing world, and reveals the good the bad and the ugly side of internet


It starts out with Alex sharing his struggles, how he got and you can get the right education and that most people work on building their business (eg building blogs etc) and not on running their business.  (This shows me how much work I still have to do – or rather how much less work I should do hahah – OUTSOURCING :) … but I will get there.)

The thing I like about this report is that Alex directly addresses the biggest concern that most people have. Everyone – myself included – always says or at least thinks how easy it is for someone already successful to make money and how hard it is for

the little guy to get a foot in the door.

It’s a self-limiting thought that probably prevents millions of people from even trying.

Alex Jeffreys and past student Sally Neill decided to put this myth to rest once and for all with a simple experiment.

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