Why my interview about making money online with Bob Yeager almost didn’t happen….

Bob Yeager – successful internet entrepreneur success coach, a personal growth coach and an offline marketing consultant

OK so it’s been a week or so since I posted on the blog and I usually like to post more regularly but there is a good reason I haven’t got round to it!

I’ve been preparing for an interview with Bob Yeager (that’s the guy who’s picture is to the left).
Bob is a pretty freaking amazing guy and the one of the coolest millionaires I’ve ever spoken too (I’ve spoken to a few because I used to work in a bank). Anyway as part of my 6week intensive coaching program with Alex Jeffreys (this 6 wk intensive leads into the 6mth inner circle program) we had to go out and interview someone. The whole purpose is to get a bit of hands on experience leading to the development of a product that we can give away/sell whatever.
So anyway we had to do research so off I went and I stumbled across this guy! Man is his story impressive. To cut a long story short he emerged from a 7-8 year battle with cancer with a realisation of the value of life and he now brings this to everything he does. Since facing death head on and winning the battle he has gone on to become a successful internet entrepreneur success coach, a personal growth coach and an offline marketing consultant and now has financial freedom with assets in in the millions. He is one of the most modern and unique thinkers in the industry and is really changing the way things are done. I know that he and Alex Jeffreys have started talking to… Not too sure what they have planned there but will be watching to find out.
So why didn’t it almost happen? Well I currently live with a housemate who has a 4yr old kid and so I thought I’d go to my parents place to record the interview, and for some reason the internet kept dropping out.I was freakin sh**ting myself because my only option was to drive 30min back home and hope my housemates 4yr old daughter wasn’t going to be too noisy (and really who can blame a kid!) but I thought Bob wouldn’t wait. Would you?Anyway obviously he did wait and gave a wicked interview.  I pushed some points until I really got answers to the questions and I was just blown away by how genuine this guy is. I am almost lost for words to describe my excitement of finding out about him and because what he is delivering and the way he is going about delivering is near impossible to find on the internet.
Not only did he provide good tips about making money online but there was a lot of good personal development information that he was offering. To be honest I think he was helping me personally develop right as we were doing the interview and that is a good thing. At one stage he was almost interviewing me.
Some things he said really stuck with me. He talked about how people use self limiting words like “can”. Eg how CAN I make money online. He suggested to me instead to use the word “COULD”. How COULD I make money online. The difference is that CAN is either yes or no… COULD is about working out how YOU WILL achieve what ever it is you’re seeking to do. 
But apart from that he didn’t scrimp on providing some real genuine pathways and blueprints to go about earning an income online. 
He also talked about rewarding yourself for the little things, valueing yourself and what you provide to people and never forgetting how the little things you achieve make you feel. I really can’t wait to share the final interview with you, I know you are going to LOVE it!
Well  I’ve gotta say I feel pretty hyped up and excited about having done this interview. I put in heaps of work in to it over the last few weeks, researching, preparing questions and then working out how to conduct and record (which in the end Bob generously set up a more stable webinar than Skype and recorded it for me – can you believe this guy – he is a real champ!) and so that is why I haven’t posted much to the blog over the last week.
Anyway tonight I’m going to go out, party and reward myself for achieving my very first (and what seemed like a monumental task) interview!!!
Nick Lawless
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