How I got a mobile/cell version of my website running in under 5 minutes

How to get a mobile version of your website

Going mobile...

Have you ever looked at a website on your mobile? I know I have… a lot! And there is nothing worse than not being able to read it properly on your phone.

Maybe your phone is optimised to fit the page to screen but it can still be a pain in the ass to read!

With more and more people surfing on wireless mobile devices (mobile/cell phones, tablet pc’s) I thought I would set up a version of my site that could be easily read by those devices to make sure it was as accessable as possible.

Also I plan to do some offline advertising for my new website and product (developers tell me it should be ready to go by next week) using a QR code. More on QR Codes in another post.

QR Code for
QR code for my site

How it works

A mobile version of your site is part of your site. When people arrive at your site your website will check to see how they are arriving. If it can see they are arriving on a mobile device it will display the version of the site optimised for that device.

There are actually several ways to create a mobile version of your site. I will show you how to do this with a WordPress site and plugin. If you want to find other ways or programs to help you do this (maybe you don’t have a WordPress site) then check out this useful post on Mashable “8 Tools For Easily Creating a Mobile Version of Your Website“.

I will be showing you a different tool all together then any of the 8 listed above.


Tools you will need:

You will be able to do this one on your own. The only tool you will need is the “WordPress Mobile Pack” a wordpress plugin.

This plugin will easily create a customisable mobile version of your website and has added added features such as:

  • A mobile ad widget to easily enable mobile ads with AdMob or Google’s Mobile Adsense (for those wanting to be able to make money through advertising on their mobile version.
  • A mobile admin panel, that allows the blog managers to access the admin interface via a mobile device, with simplified access to the most common features such as editing a post or approving comments.
  • A barcode widget which adds a barcode to your desktop site so that devices with a suitable reader can quickly bookmark your mobile site, or deep link within it.
  • And heaps more


How to install and set up:

Simply go into your “plugins” page in your WordPress account. Search for “WordPress Mobile Pack” and click Install now.

Once installed you will be taken to the plug in settings and can edit as you please.

If you are unsure how to do this please watch the video below: (link for mobile users)


The cool thing about this plugin is that it also gives people reading the mobile version the option to view the normal non mobile optimis


Why go mobile?

In Australia alone I’m often reading articles about how our mobile (or Cell as America calls it) networks are struggling to keep up with the growing demand for mobile phone data usage.

They can’t upgrade the networks as fast as the data usage keeps growing! More and more mobile plans are sold with data allowance then ever before and more and more people are accessing the net on them.

I recently started working back in the CBD (downtown) for a couple of months in a new role. I haven’t had to catch the train for about 2 years so I found it very funny to see that MOST of the people on the train are heads down on their mobile phones (me too – I find it a great way to get small tasks done on my site or listen to a podcast training session!).

So it’s a nobrainer that you want your site accessible on these devices. In fact I think most business will be done on these devices in the future.


What do you think?

Do you use any other tools to do this or set up your mobile site another way? What do you think about the future of mobiles and the internet? Leave a comment and share the knowledge!


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