I found this video you should watch

Hey hope your doing well…

Over the last week I took a mini holiday and found this inspirational video that I really like… Let me know what you think

Do you ever compare yourself to more successful people and then think your not successful? I have a habit of doing that – like when I play pool (billards) with friends in a mini competition and I rank in the middle of the group. Half are better than me, half are worse. But I felt like I failed! :(

Instead I think I’m going to start running my own race and look at how much better I’ve gotten over the last few months of playing. The same can be said for my online business.

In fact I started changing the way I thought about it as of last week! As a reward for all the hard work I’ve been putting in and all my achievements to date (this blog from scratch, a huge amount of training, a large number of potential affilliates, new friendships, an interview with a highly successful person and a new second website almost completed) I decided to reward myself with a mini 5 day break up in the Whitsundays, in north Queensland, Australia.

I’ll be posting some pictures from the trip later in the week!

What did you think of the video? What successes have you had lately (no matter how small)!


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