Whatever you call it – Networking, blog hopping, friending – the benefits can be incredible!

Friending on facebook

Friending on facebook

I want to share with you some amazing experiences that happened to me over the last few weeks!

Whatever you call it… networking, blog hopping, friending – the benefits can be incredible! Essentially it’s about connecting with people.

Be it making friends on facebook, commenting on someone’s blog or them commenting on yours (Proof in point is on my last video post where just being part of Barry’s video challenge I met a whole bunch of new awesome people and they also met me as you can see by the comments) or networking on webinars, seminars and all the other ways, the connections you make can be more powerful and rewarding than trying to simply “buy traffic”.

And I want to share with you some amazing things that have happened to me because of this!

When starting out networking can also be a great way to build a profile and drive traffic but you know that already don’t you. But really benefits extend far past traffic… in fact I think traffic is just a by-product!

So what amazing things happened to me over the last week or 2?? In no particular order I’ve listed below the highlights:

1. Created my first video and now have 30+ comments at time of writing!! It’s so good that people left me that much feedback
and from everyone who comments I pretty much learnt something new.

2. I connected with Robert Corrigan over at www.robert-corrigan.com who offered to help promote my new free product when it launches shortly – he even offered advice about how I could promote it! Priceless

3. Some how I ranked at No. 7 driver of traffic over at Barry’s site http://barry-wells.com/the-top-ten-traffic-sources-of-my-recent-video-blog-challenge/ - I have no idea how – I just posted a link in my blog post and on facebook – and so he linked to me in his latest post (actually you should check out his top sources of traffic as I find that his top sources are also mine (apart from twitter as I don’t have it yet).

4. I had some trouble with my opt in form returning a 404 error and so posted for help on facebook and 10 minutes later I was on a skype call with Simon Dodd who I met at the Instant Profit Seminar in London in June. Simon was able to point me in the right direction and from there I was able to work out how to fix the opt in. He also told me gmail should be able to handle mail coming into this site so I can just access
it via Gmail (as I wanted) and then we just discussed some business strategies and general catch up on his holiday and broken link. Check him out at www.simon-dodd.com (Simon now makes enough money to support himself from his online business – way to go man!).

Blog hopping

Blog hopping

So these are great examples that networking, blog hopping, friending can deliver:
- Advice
- Friendship
- Opportunities
- Assistance & Support
- Improved self-confidence
- Access to new ideas

and best of all – it’s fun!

My top tips to network successfully:
- Don’t sell (no one likes being sold to when you just met them – you don’t want to come off like a used car sales man!)
- Find things in common
- Try and find ways you can add value to the person you’re connecting with (be it your personality or something more practical like offering a way to help them make more money)
- Follow up and be responsive to the person you are connecting with!
- Have fun! As someone wisely said to me… life doesn’t have to be so serious!

Traffic really shouldn’t be your focus – while it can be a good source of traffic it can be a slow way to get traffic and take a lot of work if you are simply looking at it from a traffic perspective.

Anyway that’s all for now folks – I gota get to my day job!

Let me know about some of your Awesome networking stories below!!


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